What kind of car is this?
Pure Muscle!!


No, you missed it! It's a 
1988 Sierra Sapphire Cosworth reshelled with a 1991 4x4 body.
Duh! Where have you been?

Features for you teens:
White & Blue leather interior, Walnut door cappings & ECU cover
Sony pull-out radio/cassette/12-disc CD player.
Alpine 200 w. amplifier, feeding 200 w Kenwood sterio speakers
and a mono base tube.

Features for men:
540 HP @ 7400 RPM / 485 ft/lb torque @ 5200 RPM
at a set boost of 35 psi 1993 cc w/ 7.2:1 compression ratio
4x4 Cosworth block wire ringed & stronger head bolts, knife edged
crank and a high pressure water system w/swirl-pot.
Turbo Systems modified head & cams, Sequential 8 injector
system using 8 green injectors in a RS500 inlet plenum, Group A
inlet filter, TO4E Garrett turbo-charger, RS500 intercooler, oil cooler
& big wing sump and Scorpian stainless steel exhaust system, 3" pipes to 4" tailpipe.
Fully adjustable Group A Koni, adjustable for height, bump and rebound,
500 lb front & 350 lb rear springs and front strut brace.
Tar-ox 40 grove brake discs w/ titanium calipers & carbon fiber pads.
Speedline 5 spoke 17" x 7.5" front and 17"x 8.5" rear wheels with
Donlop 215/40/17 fronts and 245/35/17 rears.
Added instruments include:
Fuel pressure guage w/ low pressure alarm, oil pressure, boost pressure
and a low boost switch and an on/off ABS switch. All on a carbon fiber panel.

What will it do?
180 + / 0 to 60 = sub 4 sec. / 0 to 100 = 8/9 sec.
( depending on temp./humitity/barometric pressure & road surface etc )

Alec said he still needs a 6-speed sequential gearbox. If you have one
laying around that you would part from at a reasonable price. This car is
also street legal and is entered in car shows, as well as raced. Even if my
MGBGT V-8 project car meets my exspectations, I'm glad the big pond
keeps us separated so I don't get my doors blowed off as he goes by me.