Long E-Z

Long E-Z is Bert Rutan's name for his design. That is what I bought or at least a kit for that plane from a friend. As the owner now of a kit (at least most of a kit) I have been reading and studying up on the plane and I find that because I want to change it, it no longer can be called a Long E-Z. As soon as you modify a design you can no longer use that name. That's OK, I will name it something else. But what? I have written down a dozen names and I don't like any of them. Hmmmm! haven't even started on it and I am stopped because I can't decide on a name. I plan to use a Buick 215 engine so I thought I might call it a Buick. A friend pointed out that I can't call it a Long E-Z because it will have a Buick engine and I can't call it a Buick because it has a Long E-Z body. Hmmmm! How about a Long Buick E-Z? Nope! too long.  It is not really that long unless they mean that it takes a "long" time to build. So, I might look at it's attributes for a name. 

It has several good attributes. "Fast" or "Speed", "Beautiful", "No Stall", "Small space parking or carry it home and put it in your garage" I like the term "Speed" as I use to race motorcycles when I was young and indestructible.  Maybe I could name it,  "E-Z Speed" or "L-E-Z speed" or "Easy Speed" or "Speed Easy" or "Speed E-Z".  Well! anyway, I will come up with something. I decided from the beginning that I wanted a longer nose, the full rudders, the Roncz Canard, a variable pitch prop, a 215 cu in Buick engine. And, I would like to design my own retractable main gear. Good Grief! I am doing the same to this as my MG I am building. 

I have to finish a garage I am building before I can start on the plane. But, I can start gathering pieces etc. I have the full rudder plans and just purchased the Roncz canard plans from Rutan. When I get started I will first build a mockup in plywood of the fuselage so I can be certain of seating position and work out details of a main gear retract system (if possible). As soon as I looked at the plans I had decided to change the front landing gear to have a hydraulic shock instead of the rigid actuator in the plans. After researching a little I find that is a normal mod many make anyway. 

I have 5 of the 215 engines. 4 Olds and one Buick. One Olds is spoken for (See "Project" in the main menu) and one Olds is not rebuild-able. I got a bolt and hardware kit with the fuselage and wing kit and a canopy. I still need to buy instruments, radio / GPS, Prop, Prop reduction box and landing gear / wheels / brakes etc. I would also like to build a steel rollover bar to enhance the glass ones like the guy in Australia has done. The sides of the fuselage and a couple of the seat back bulkheads are built so I don't have to worry about hidden mistakes. I can make all my own mistakes. Ha! But I prefer it that way. Plus it allows me to make the modifications I want from scratch.