Motorcycle Racing

Here are some current pictures of racing

This is my son at Talladega last year.

He races under WERA and in the Big Twin class. He was a Novice last year and won the middle states regional championship and placed second in the south eastern regional and third in the north eastern regional. He has been bumped up to "Expert" class this year.  

Bad luck at the new Barbers Alabama track with a blown gearbox at over 140 MPH.

Barbers new track is one of the most beautiful tracks I've ever seen and with it's 80 foot changes in grade and many different kinds of turns makes for some of the best racing in the country. Even the top AMA riders found it very difficult once in the lead to hold on to that lead with so many variations in turns.

My son getting ready to go out on the track at Barbers in an Endurance race on a 600 cc Suzuki. Their 3 rider team maintained a 6th place until a broken clutch cable required a long pit stop and a drop to 10th position. Hard riding by all 3 team members did not net them a better position.


Barbers 04

Back to Barbers a year later. Some redemption this time, a 3rd place finish in one of the races this time. Then on back to Nashville speedway and another 3rd place finish. In essence, 04 is his first year in Expert class and a couple of 3rds is not bad. He also entered the formula 1 class which is good training and a middle of the pack finish was as expected.

coming in after practice.

Entering main straight.

Action at the west end.

The iron spider on the infield searching for unwary stray racers.

Nashville 04

Hard at work

At speed

Great on hot or rain days.

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