Oshkosh 2003

I have always wanted to go to Oshkosh and finally the opportunity presented itself when talking to a friend about it. He had been before and wanted to go again. His business restricted him to just a long weekend. We made plans to drive as neither of us had a plane at the time. He was in the process of building one but it was only about 75% complete. We drove most of the way up on Friday, then on to Oshkosh Saturday. We had camping gear so we set up a tent at the edge of the tent city. I was awestruck at the size of the tent city with streets and cross streets with street signs and busses and trams running in all directions. They gave us a map when we came in that showed the color codes of the different trams. (trouble was the one where we were was not on the map so we did a lot of walking at first)

Because we only had Sat. & Sun. we had to choose what we wanted to see. We missed all the seminars that we would have liked to see as they were scattered through the week. We spent some time in the Flea market, at the "canard" tie down and in the parked warbirds. Also a couple of the hangars with all the new stuff. By Sun. it was obvious this was so large it would take a week to just see it all. Some of the seminars that I wanted to see were "hands on" But, we were short on time and I thought they charged for the "hands on" work shops and I was on a tight budget. As we went from place to place we would pause at times to look up at the air show going on. Saturday evening we drove into Oshkosh looking for an Italian restaurant that my friend knew about. Trouble was that it was many years ago when he was there and we couldn't find it. We settled for one we did find in our search. Great food and we went back to our tent to sack out.

Here are a few pictures I took of Oshkosh 2003.

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Made plans for Oshkosh 2004 for the full week this time.


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