Oshkosh 2004


To go to Oshkosh for the 7 days requires a little planning ahead. With or without a plane to fly up there. A friend and I decided to go a day early. We both were on a budget so we had to do some planning and $ counting. I broke it up into sections, "How to get there", "Where to stay", "Cost of entry", "Food" and "Spending money".

1. How to get there? Neither of us had a plane so that was out. Drive up was the next option. Oooooo! Too far for two old fogies to drive. Airlines was our only option. After checking several airlines and points of destination vs. cost, we settled on a round trip to Chicago and rent a economy car for a week and drive on to OSH.

2. Where to stay was a "Biggy" as motels that normally got $40 to $60 per night were charging well over a hundred a night. OUCH!!! I have camping gear so we considered pitching a tent. OSH gets $17 per night for camping so the cost was low but we didn't like the idea of living in a tent for a week. Collage dorms were our next option. Univ. of WS was close and priced right but they said they had no openings but would put me on a waiting list. Marion Collage in Fond du Lac took us in. The price was good and the dorms were clean, also a full breakfast was included in the price. 

3. Cost of admission was stiff if you were not an EAA member. I was but my friend Joel was not so he joined. When figuring cost of entry you need to figure in the entry fee for the car. The car fee is less than our fee as it had to watch the air shows from colored lots and the car was not allowed to view all the vendor displays. The cars were allowed to look at some of the parked airplanes on the other side of their fenced in area (if they had that view). The car was not allowed to park where it wanted to. "Parking Police" directed each car where it must park. The "Parking Police" (young people) were armed with a finger and a smile so it was impossible to resist. "First come First served" was the procedure although the desired "Red" lot was "Off limits" on the last day and the road was closed to it one day probably due to the road condition. However, we knew our way around by then and went in from another direction. (No small feat)

4. Food. Food was a "No Brainer" as we had a good full breakfast served in bed by lovely ladies every morning. Duh! OH! that was a dream. We did have an great full breakfast every morning in the collage cafeteria. Lunch was from food stands on the field and was not bad. Pricy by outside standards but not out of line for air show food. Supper was different restaurants each evening. We ate just in Fond du Lac as there was a good verity of foods there so we didn't venture up to Oshkosh.

5. Spending money. I had planned to buy some used instruments in the Flea market called "Flymarket" but, I was disappointed in what was available for what $. Several instrument companies were selling new flight instruments that are not approved for FAA approved IFR flying for just over a hundred $. Most of the "Yellow Tagged" flight instruments in the flymarket were going for that much so I decided to wait and just buy new non IFR instruments later. I was proud of myself for not spending a lot. I did use plastic money to buy presents for relatives and only bought a hat, a couple of "T"shirts and a fold up chair for myself. Saw several planes I would have bought if my "Plastic money card" could have handled it. Ha!

All in all, we had a great time. Next year I will not try to attend so many forums and will be more selective as to the ones I do sit in on. This will give me more time to look at planes.

Anyone even slightly interested in aviation must see Oshkosh.

Here are some of the pictures I took.

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