Car and Truck Photos

I nominate this car as the Ugliest car on the street today. I can not think of any reason on Earth to pay someone for this.

I don't even know why anyone would want to be seen in one, even if the car were free or someone was paid a large sum of

money to drive one. Worse yet would be to be seen as a passenger in one. Yuck !!!! I try to keep in mind that because of my

background in the sports car industry and that makes me tend to like sports cars over sedans or SUVs. But that is no reason

to make a sedan, SUV or even a station-wagon pure Ugly. There are some good looking sedans, SUVs and station-wagons

and even good looking trucks out there. The following are old cars that still look good against any car, so it can be done.

This is a Jaguar XJ-S sports coup. This car was made 27 years ago and looks great next to any car on the street today. And it

looks good from any direction. So no one can make me believe designers can't design a good looking car 27 years later.

This car was expensive when it was new but it was not expensive because of the body design. So, any economy car could have looked

like this car. Have you ever seen any car manufacture produce a car that remotely looked like their so called "Concept Car" at auto

shows ? Some of their "Concept" cars are a lovely sight to look at but NONE of them ever are produced. Instead we get things like the

KIA Soul pictured at the top.

I am showing some of the old cars to show that we had some nice looking cars but we are not advancing in design. Instead we are

regressing in body design. Most cars on the street today are "Generic Car" with only minor appearances like NASCAR cars that are

exactly the same shape with only decals to make it look like a different brand car. Some of the cars have dropped out of that mold like the

KIA Soul to be incredibly UGLY.

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