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Rear end is installed and wheels and tires are on, exhaust system is finished (Although Egor miss-measured and the last exhaust is too close to the rear tires on both sides) Oil is in the differential and transmission. Experience has shown that the gear oil that BLM said to use makes the syncros not work until the oil is hot so I am using a Pennzoil product called Syncromesh transmission oil. A friend has tried it in several British cars and said it works well. We used engine oil at the dealerships I worked in years ago.

RearEndIn1a1x1.jpg (39272 bytes)  RearEndIn3a1x1.jpg (62146 bytes)  Transfiller2a1x1.jpg (59466 bytes)  WheelsOn3a1x1.jpg (39143 bytes)

Side view      Pipes & Wheel         Oil Level        Front View

Starting to look like a car and soon to be set down off of the rotisserie. I drilled the hole in the tunnel for access to the transmission level plug as shown and Egor told me where to drill it. Front view shows that the tires need to be cleaned and tire black needs to be added for the show.

Still need to finish the interior and a few pieces of outside trim. Some fluids still need to be installed too. I have also cleared a path to the garage door so I can get the car out. Also some work needs to be done on the trailer yet as this will be a trailer queen at first until I run it enough to take the bugs out.

Thought I was ready to fire it up so I put gas and water in it and as Murphy and his law dictated there was a problem. The gas tank leaked and the cooling system leaked too. So I removed the gas tank and all of the Safety foam and welded up the tank (again) and put it back in the car. 

Of the 14 ports for coolant to enter the engine (my Cross Flow coolant design) 13 of the ports were accessible with the engine in the car but # 14 was not and that appeared to be the leak so I had to remove the engine (again) to access that port. Even though I had the dummy engine in and out a dozen times for body modifications and the complete engine in and out a half dozen times it was not easy to do as now all the accessories were on it was even more difficult. But I got it out and mounted on an engine stand where I made adapters so I could pressurize the cooling system and I found that the leak was not at the #14 port but was from the threads of an exhaust flange mount. I pulled several studs and found that many had been drilled all the way into water jackets so I removed them and sealed the studs. (could have been done with the engine in place.) DUH!

While the engine was out I was able to attend to a couple of other problems needed to be done with it out so all of the extra time was not wasted.

I also had the last foot of each pipe powder coated with a new chrome and they turned out great looking. However, the last pipe on each side was aimed at the corner of the rear tires, so I made some deflectors to aim the exhaust away from the tires. I had to design an internal clamp as I could not weld the deflectors on without destroying the powder coat work on the pipes.

I had planned to make them anyway to be able to insert a baffle in each megaphone just in case the pipes ware too loud as I wanted to be able to drive it on the street at times. Here are a couple of pictures of the finished pipes.

PipeTips1a1x1.jpg (27765 bytes) PipeTips4a1x1.jpg (32044 bytes)



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