Time for final fit checks before body finishing

The rearend with torque arm is fitted and a measurement can now be made to make a driveshaft and rear disk brake mounting. Tube type rear shocks were already adapted before this conversion.

The actual engine is fitted to get exact measurements for the eng. to trans. adapter plate to have a finished cut on the lower portion, oil line positioning and exhaust header can also be measured and constructed. Measurements can also be taken for the raising of the center section of the hood for carb clearance.

carbcl.jpg (28204 bytes)      fordfit.jpg (27111 bytes)      pumpcl.jpg (24911 bytes)      panfit.jpg (19434 bytes)     seat.jpg (27338 bytes)

      Carbs fitted              Ford rearend         Oil line clearance           Oil pan fit               TR-7 Seat fit       

         tqarm.jpg (19520 bytes)      shiftcl.jpg (22485 bytes)       drvshaft.jpg (21976 bytes)      shaftin.jpg (22115 bytes)      frtshaft.jpg (19676 bytes)        

               Torque Arm fit     Shift lever clearance     Drive-shaft Made       Drive-shaft fit         Front "U"joint               

    The Spicer Type joints were used rather than the "CV" joint of the TR-7 so that a worn-out joint can be replaced from any corner parts store.

rshaft2.jpg (23124 bytes)

Rear "U"joint

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