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Headers - The headers were hand made from "U" bends and "45s" from JC Whitney. Eight pieces of each were required. The flange plates (two pipes per flange) were detailed earlier from 3/8 plate. The pipes were squared and steel welded on the engine side of the flange and brazed on the outside. 

Battery Cover - The stock MGB battery caver was cut in half and the passenger's half was screwed in place around the torque arm shock mount. The driver's side is held in place by the original fasteners. 

Hood Mods - The carb velocity stacks just do clear the hood but pose a restriction to some air flow so the center section of the hood is raised for extra clearance. The hood was cut from the front badge bar to within a few inches of the rear of the hood then the rear was raised just enough to use a Jaguar E-Type air intake grill. The two transition pieces needed as fillets were hand made on a miniature English wheel. To keep the hood contours correct when the hood was cut, I fabricated 4 sheet metal plates with the same approximate contours of the hood. Then to get a more exact contour of the underside of the hood I used Devcon as a filler between the hood and the plates. When the Devcon hardened, I drilled and pop riveted the plates to the hood. Plastic tape was first placed on the hood so the Devcon would not bond the sheet metal to the hood. After the fillets are welded in, the sheet metal plates will be removed and the pop rivet holes will be welded up.

The metal work on the hood is now finished as shown in the "Hood fillers" picture below and the body is now in the body shop. It is still on the rotisserie to make it a little easier to do the body work. The next page details the hood a little better.

Headers1.jpg (26018 bytes)     BatCover.jpg (44139 bytes)   Hood1.jpg (30092 bytes)

   Headers                  Battery Cover          Hood Mods


Hood2.jpg (28946 bytes)  Hoodcut1.jpg (39915 bytes)  undhood1.jpg (41700 bytes)  E-typeair.jpg (39757 bytes)

Hood Fillers         Raise Center       Under Structure         Air Intake

I have my steering wheel now, purchased on E-Bay. I decided from driving MGs with different size and types of wheels, that I wanted a 13" to 14" wheel that was wood with a thick grip and slightly dished with 3 spokes spaced so instruments could be read. I found many wheels on E-Bay that met those requirements. These were mostly Grant #714 and a Momo wheel. However, I was continuously out-bid. I finally got the bid on an off brand wheel that met my needs. I didn't care what it fit since I intended to machine an MG hub to fit it anyway. Here are a couple of photos of the wheel.

i-1_B.jpg (18034 bytes)           i-6_B.jpg (19000 bytes)

Wood / Chrome 13.5 in dished

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