BGT of many colors        BGT on rotisary    CrossMember Work      MG Firewall         Firewall Cut



Manifold space            Firewall inplace         Crossmember                 Welded in           Pan Modified



       Front Cover              Air Distributor             Cover / Dist.                    Floor Pan            Old pans out



         In Place                      Oil Pump                  Pump finished            Exhaust flanges      Rear Crossmember



       Shift Tower              Piece Removed           Back together              Inside Cover



    Cut Line for Firewall


Picrorial Two


     This site is still under construction as is the Project Car. Hope I live long enough to complete it.

Many of these pics were taken with a camcorder and then put into the PC via an 8mm VCR, USB video capture card and edited in a combination of several programs. Finally converted to "Thumbnail to full pic" by Front Page 98.

The car is still under construction and I will add photos as I progress. Anyone who wants to see the car or components you are welcome to come look at it. You are also welcome to give me advice but I will probably not listen as I am thick headed. But, you are welcome to come look anyway.

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