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Engine Rebuild

To (successfully) rebuild an engine you need to follow some basic rules that apply to all engines. I will brake this up into 5 sections.

  1. Tear down /Cleaning

  2. 1st Inspection 

  3. Machine work & Inspection #2

  4. Inspection # 2 & Assembly

  5. Testing & Running

You will need the tools necessary to do the job which may include some special tools that are appropriate to the engine you are building. By special tools I mean tools that are not normally used by a mechanic. Sometimes these special tools are nice to have but not really necessary or in many cases can be purchased in the aftermarket. 

The first tool you will need is a service manual. Some service manuals will cover what I will cover, however, many assume you already know how to rebuild an engine and don't cover many very important details. You should read through the manual to see if there is anything special about your engine requiring any special factory tools. If so check with your auto-parts store to see if the tool is available and really necessary. Try to find out which parts stores the local mechanics use. One that has a machine shop attached would be a good one. They would be a good source for correct info as you build.

I will color the text Yellow when it is a hard set rule that you must not ever skip. I will also give you more info than you need but I will note that as I go.

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