Pictorial Progress of

an MGB GT V-8 project

I tried to document this project as accurate as I could. Some of the beginning was taken with a camcorder still shots and later I did get a digital camera. This project was worked on at times and set aside for lengths of time and then reactivated at times over a period of 11 years + and is still on going.

Several of the systems on the car don't exist, so much research and development was necessary. Some of my designs worked on the first design but others required several proto-types. For example, the design of the "One-Way" valves at the combustion chambers for the air injection required the construction of five different proto-types because the first four designs failed to operate to my satisfaction. This was a part that I thought would be an easy thing to design and build. Where as the air distributor and the engagement and disengagement system was complicated to build and I was worried that it would require a lot of changes in design. But it operated correctly on the first built proto-type.

The whole car proceeded like that. Mistakes and bad designs were common but luckily my corrections out numbered my errors. At times it was hard living with myself making so many mistakes so I created a "Design Engineer" (E-gor). So, each time I had a major failure, I just blamed it on E-gor and continued on to correct the design. ha! At times I gave credit for a correct design to E-gor to keep his ego in tact. Here is the work on the project.

Additional explanation of the body modifications are on a separate page. "Body Mods"

Pictorial 11/10/1999

Pictorial 2 3/23/2000

Pictorial 3 5/31/2000

Pictorial 4 6/23/2001

Pictorial 5 11/12/2001

Pictorial 6 11/5/2008

Pictorial 7 11/11/2010

Pictorial 8 9/15/2011

Pictorial 9 3/23/2012

Pictorial 10 5/22/2012

Pictorial 11 11/11/2012

Pictorial 12 11/11/2012

Pictorial 13 11/11/2013

Pictorial 14 12/17/2013

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