Yellowwings1x1.jpg (41627 bytes) Yellow wings etc of Kerry Brasher's Stearman.

Yellow1x1.jpg (50317 bytes) Several Show class cars

W-Q-YellowSt1x1.jpg (53508 bytes) Wayne & Quentin looking at Kerry's Stearman.

W-K-YellowSt1x1.jpg (37973 bytes) Wayne in foreground, Kerry in cap explaining engine & Phil in tower outside.

Stearman1x1.jpg (40431 bytes) Stearman

Q-Wayne-Stearman1x1.jpg (48074 bytes) Quentin & Wayne looking at Stearman

Quent-W-Prop1x1.jpg (46176 bytes) Quentin and Wayne going to hand prop Stearman.

Power-H-Glider1x1.jpg (53840 bytes) Powered hang glider getting ready for takeoff

PlanesTail1x1.jpg (27567 bytes) flightline

PlanesFront1x1.jpg (43640 bytes) flightline

PhilsChamp1x1.jpg (32853 bytes) Phils Champ

Merc21x1.jpg (61812 bytes) Mercury flame paint

Merc1x1.jpg (68925 bytes) Mercury Engine

K-BrashersFord21x1.jpg (74539 bytes) Kerry Brasher's Ford

K-BrashersFord1x1.jpg (77575 bytes) Brasher's Ford

Citabra1x1.jpg (38396 bytes) Citabria

Cessna1401x1.jpg (41791 bytes) Luscombe

Cars1x1.jpg (36986 bytes) Car Line

BritCars1x1.jpg (67165 bytes) British Car line