The Rose & the Birds



Howard M. Fitzcharles III

Preamble by Miss Birds

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  I was one of five (quintuplets) and even though I was quit small, I clearly remember “Mom” and my sisters. Can you imagine having four siblings that are all your age and all females? I remember it being fun. As a “little one” I remember thinking Mom was quit tall and I wondered if I was going to grow up that large and look like her. At the time Mom gave us all nick names and she could tell us apart. My nickname was “Miss Birds” a name given to me in remembrance of someone before me. I didn’t know it at the time since I was so small and so young. My sisters’ nicknames were; Robin, Red, What, and Big Bird.

  I remember Mom was so nice and warm and often held me close to her, I felt safe from the entire outside world when I was close to her.  She held me close more often than she held my sisters. I didn’t know or care why she seemed to want to hold me more that the others. I don’t know if they felt jealous or not, I don’t remember any of them expressing it in any way.

  We soon moved out into the country and I liked it out there. Mom was very protective of us and kept us close to her and we were confined when we were very small. But living out in the country, Mom relaxed her tight control and gave all five of us much more freedom. Mom would work in her garden and I remember having fun chasing butterflies. I better stop and let you read the story of “The Rose and the Birds”



The Story, Chapter 1