The Rose and the Birds

Chapter 1

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 There were some instructions that came with the incubator, but it didnít say how to dry a wet bird the size of an acorn. It did say to put water in something like a jar lid so they could drink water. They went to the water quickly and started to drink. They drink like a chicken does by taking in water then raising their head up high and swallow the water.

  To our horror the first baby took in water and stood straight up with itís head up high and swallowed the water and fell over backwards dead as a door nail. Rose and I both jumped to the floor and grabbed the water away from them but four were dead in an instant. The five others that had not got to drink yet were well.

  We went to the market and bought distilled water and gave that to the remaining five and they drank it quickly and had no problem. We thought it might have been the city chlorine in the water but we were not sure and even though we knew you could boil water and let it sit to get the chlorine out of it, we were afraid there might be other chemicals in the water that would not leave from boiling and we were not willing to risk any more babies to find out.

We then worried that if this water could kill a baby bird instantly, what was it doing to us in the long run?

  The five remaining did well with Rose caring for them. It was easy to keep after the droppings of one bird but five was another story, so even though Rose would let them out of the cage often, they didnít have the run of the house like the original Miss Birds did. That first little bird to hatch and seek out the warmth of Roseís foot was colored just like the original Miss Birds so she got the name Miss Birds also. We thought she should have a name of Miss Birds II but the II didnít stick and she became just ďMiss BirdsĒ. 


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