The Rose and the Birds

Chapter 1

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  Two of the birds were a little larger than the others and one of those had a breast that was colored more like a Robin so we named her “Robin”. The other large one got the name “Big Bird” after the Sesame Street bird. The fifth bird got the name “What?” I don’t remember the origin of that name, but I’m sure there was a little story behind it.

Now that we had five birds, we quickly noted that they had individual characters. Miss Birds was friendly and easy going (except to Igg, she didn’t like him). Robin was the opposite, she was a not overly friendly (except to Igg, she would run to him every time he came in). Red was wild and if it were not for the rest of the birds, we could have never caught her each time she was let out of the cage. She would run from any of us and only when all the other birds were in the cage would she come up to the cage so she could be caught.

    We sold the house in Green Acres and bought 26 acres of land and bought a small house trailer to live in while we built our dream house. We had a contractor do the foundation and a concrete floor. We laid block for the first floor and we wood framed the next two floors. The only other parts that were done by contractors were the sheet rock and shingles on the roof.

  It took three years to complete and to this day I am in amazement of Rose and the kids being able to handle all of the evening work in the summer and week end work year round for three years.

Rose was not just a homemaker all this time, she had a hammer and nails in every spare moment and still kept all of us in cloths, food and clean house, not to mention caring for a garden and caring for the birds. And never a complaint even when we seen weeks in the winter that it was so cold that the windows in the trailer would get a quarter inch coat of ice on the inside of all the windows.

  I knew it was a strain on the kids too. I remember Igg climbing up to the peek of the framing to drive nails and Sher driving nails in the subfloor until she had blisters on her hand from the hammer. I am sure they resented working so long and hard but did not complain. I was so proud of them. 


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