Chapter 2

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The Rose & the Birds

( A Mother to All Birds)

    Friends and neighbors knew of the quail and soon a friend brought a baby bird that had fallen out of a nest. It was a pitiful looking little thing. Pink wrinkled skin with no feathers, eyes still closed and couldn’t even stand up. And oversized beak with what looked like lips. We had no idea what kind of bird this was or even what it ate. Reluctantly Rose took the bird. The little critter would stretch it’s neck and open it’s mouth wide if you touched it on the beak.

  Rose went to work on the little thing with her toot pick and bread soaked in syrup. Again Rose was out in the weeds and grass catching bugs and trying different kinds of foods. It didn’t take long before feathers started to sprout and the little bird soon turned into a beautiful Blue Jay. She named him “Squawk” as that seemed to be what he did most of the time. Rose let him out of his cage every day to exercise. At first we closed the curtains because we were afraid he would try to fly through the glass and get hurt or killed. We opened the curtain over the bay window and we stood guard but he never did try to fly through the glass.

    The living room and dining room were just one great room with stairs going up to a third floor balcony and a door into one large room (unfinished). Exposed cross beams made a good place for Squawk to perch. He picked his favorite spot to perch and watch us as we went about out lives. A Blue Jay’s droppings are not easy to clean up but fortunately Squawk would perch in just one place so Rose just spread some newspaper under him. We had discussed keeping Squawk but felt he was too big and we wanted him to return to the outside.

  The “squawk” sound he made was when he wanted to be fed. He would crouch down and extend his wings about a forth way out and shake them as he opened his beak. He would do this while up on the beams. After squawking for a short time he would stop and look down at Rose to see if she was coming up to feed him. He seemed to have a hard time grasping the concept that Rose couldn’t fly. But soon Rose learned to get his food ready ( a mixture that looked like oatmeal) and hold her index finger out and Squawk would finally fly down and land on her finger and start his squawking to be fed. Rose fed him with a narrow cut down Popsicle stick.

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