Chapter 2

A Mother to All birds

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   Squawk was cautious of strangers but after a while he would perch on their finger and look them over switching directions so as to look them over with each eye. Then he seemed satisfied and would fly off again. Squawk didn’t seem to like or dislike anyone but was always careful around strangers. Of course he had adopted Rose as his mother. He was kept in the same cage I made for the quail and never seemed to resist being put into the cage. He didn’t like to be held at all or have anyone touch his feathers but would perch on your finger for extended lengths of time, especially if you would feed him.

  We noted that Squawk would play and this alone was something I never heard of a bird doing. We also noted that he would on occasions try to copy what we were doing. Sometimes just generally like when we were up and moving around he would also be active and if we all sat down he would perch and watch us. Squawk was very curious and would play with everything that he could move. We decided that Blue Jays were the clowns of the birds.

  We decided it was time for Squawk to be introduced to the “Outside” world. We assumed Squawk would take off flying right away but we got a surprise.

  With him perched on Rose’s finger she opened the back door leading out on to our sun deck and stepped outside. Before Rose could close the door Squawk took off and flew back into the house. Rose tried a second time and the same. She held Squawk the third time and was able to get the door closed this time. She held him and sat down in a recliner lawn chair she often sat in to read. Squawk was obvious afraid of “Outside” and stayed on Rose for quite a while hopping up and down the length of her legs looking around. Rose decided to go back in to get a book to read and since Squawk had got up the nerve to hop up onto the arm of the lawn chair. Just as she got the door open a flash of blue went by he ear into the house and that was all of “Outside” Squawk was going to handle that day.

  Rose took Squawk out every day for a week before Squawk would stay out over night by himself. It took almost another week for Squawk to stop trying to get back in if Rose was not out. If Rose didn’t get out early enough, Squawk would sit on a window sill and peck on the glass. Even after a week and even if he was not at a window pecking I could open the back door and hold it open for just a few seconds and zoom! A flash of blue would come inside.  

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