1.     Henery Ford I made a second attempt to produce a “Ford” car but only lasted 4 months. He received a settlement of $900. The new owners renamed the company, “Cadillac Automobile Co.” (March 1902)

2.     Henery I named his son after his friend, “Dr. Edsel Ruddiman”

3.     1900 to 1908, 502 American car companies were formed to produced automobiles.

4.     “Edsel Ford originated the “Continental”.

5.     Robert S. McNamara (Kennedy’s Sec. of Defence) originated the Ford Falcon.

6.     Lee Iacocca’s name was “Ledo Anthony Iacocca”

7.     The “Mustang” was designed by Gene Bordinat and Don DeLeRossa and originally named “Allegro” as a response to the “Chevy Corvair Monza” Lee Iacocca’s contribution was the jump seat and selling the car to Ford and to the public.

8.     The “Mustang” name was adopted from the WW II airplane, not the horse.





Reference = Ford the Men and the Machine

                              By  Robert Lacey



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