The First Automobile

A steam tractor for hauling artillery was built in 1796 by a French engineer named Nicolas Cugnot

 The First Patented Gas Powered Vehicle

Karl Benz patented his gas powered tricycle (velocipede) on Jan. 29 / 1886.

About the same time Gottlieb Daimler built a 2 wheeler powered by a 4 stroke engine.

The first modern type 4 wheeled vehicle was designed by Emile Levassor, a Frenchman. This was also the first automobile manufactured on a large scale in 1891. The company was named, “Panhard and Levassor”. Emile Levassor was killed while racing a “Panhard Pheonix” in 1895.

Alfa Remero

“Alfa” was established in 1910.  Nicola Remeo took over in 1919 and began producing sports cars in the 20s. “Alfa Remo” produced a 370 HP 4.0 liter 12 cylinder in 1936.

BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werk)

“BMW” was set up by Karl Rapp and Max Friz in 1916.

De Tomaso

Alessandro de Tomaso from Argentina in 1959 wanted to build a more civilized version of the Ford GT-40.  The “Vallelunga” was unveiled in 1965 with a “Ghia” designed body and a “Ford” 1500 engine. Only a few were produced. His second car with design help from Ghia and Vignale was a mid engine GT with a 4.7 liter V-8 Ford engine. This was the “Mangusta” produced in 1968. His third car was designed by the Ghia stylist Tom Tjaarda and was better

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