known in the US . This was the “Pantera” which came out in 1970 with a mid engine 5.7 liter V-8 Ford Cleveland 351.


Facel – Vega


Jean Cl’ement Daninos, a metallurgical engineer with “Citroen” wanted to build a sophisticated car to match Englands best. In 1939 he founded “FACEL” (Forges et Arteliers de Construction d’Eure-et-Loir) The company produced the aluminum bodywork for the first Dyna Panhard, then for the Simca 8 & 9 and the Ford Comete.  Work began in 1952 on the Facel-Vega. The first emerged in 1954 with a 4.5 liter Chrysler engine. In 1958 the “HK-500” was the fastest four seater coupe at 148 MPH.


Bugatti   (in Molsheim)


Ettore Bugatti started with the Bugatti type 13 in 1910. (1300 cc engine, top speed, 59 MPH) Later type 54, “Grand Prix” version beat world record at 133 MPH. In 1937 the “57-G” ran 140 MPH and won at Le Mans . In 1945 the “Type 50 B” ran 206.25 MPH.

The first proto-type “Royale” or “Golden Bugatti” was built in 1926. It had a 4.57 meter (14.99 ft.) wheel base and a 6 meter chassis (19.69 ft.) with a 14.7 liter engine estimated at 300 HP. It was three tons and would run 125 MPH. Only 7 chassis and 11 bodies were built between 1926 and 1935. The first completed car was sold in 1932.


Bugatti also built a proto-type airplane that was unique, It was a rear twin engine / tractor / counter rotating twin props. The prop shafts extended from the engines in the rear beside the pilot up to the counter rotation unit in the front. It also featured a “V” tail with radiators in the leading edges of the “V” tail. The proto-type hangs in the Oshkosh aircraft museum in Oshkosh WI .




Founded in 1904 by Damian Mateu I. Bassed in Barcelona Spain . However, some cars were produced in Bois-Colombes , France .

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