Founded in Indianapolis Ind. In 1904 by the Duesenberg brothers. However, they only began producing cars seriously in 1918 and was over taken by Errett Cord in 1928 and went out of business 9 years later. Duesenberg cars won the Indy 500 3 times and the 1921 French Grand Prix.




James Packard, furious at having a bran new car motorcar brake down on him in 1899 formed the “Packard” car company. Went out of business in 1957.




Founded in 1908 and named after the man who put up the money. Went out of business in 1954.




Founded in 1903 by David Buick, a mechanic of Scottish ancestry. The company was the driving force behind the establishment of General Motors in 1908.




Formed in 1902 by Henry Leland with a proto-type car designed by Henry Ford I. Ford was paid $900.  The name “Cadillac” came from the man who founded Detroit . (Marquis Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac)

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