Set up in 1918 by Henry Leland of “Cadillac” and “GM” after Leland quit GM to build engines. But due to falling demands  after WW I ended, he switched to automobile manufacturing. He brought out a proto-type called the “Torpedo” model in 1920. He renamed the car “ Lincoln   after Abraham Lincoln. By 1922 he had serious financial difficulties, so he put “ Lincoln ” up for sale. Henry Ford bought the company and turned it over to Edsel Ford who revolutionized the company, making it into one of the most prestigious marques.


De Soto


Chrysler Co. formed “ De Soto ” in 1928 as a middle range marque. Noted to be well made and tough. Closed down in the late 50s.




Louis Chevrolet emigrated from Switzerland in 1900 along with an associate, William Durant formed “Chevrolet”. However, Durant, a rich Michigan financier quickly discouraged Chevrolet by constant financial maneuvering and by 1933 Louis Chevrolet was ruined and working as a mechanic in a Detroit factory.




Walter Percy Chrysler, a Kansas farmer’s son started out as a mechanic, engineer, director of Buick in 1912 then 2nd in command at GM before launching out on his own.




Set up by John and Horace Dodge and was absorbed by Chysler in 1928.


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