St up in 1945 by Enzo Ferrari at the age of 47 and started manufacturing machine tools. Enzo was an experienced race car driver and organized his own racing team. In Nov. 1946 he announced his intention  to give up making machine tools and concentrate on sports and racing cars. Only three cars were produced in 1947.  The emblem of a prancing horse came from the cockpit of a WW I fighter ace, Francesco Baracca. The Countess Paolina Baracca predicted that the black horse on a yellow background would bring Ferrari good luck. Cortese, driving a type 125 on the Rome circuit scored Ferrari’s first race victory.




Ferruccio Lamborghini set up a tractor business in 1949. In 1961 he set out to produce “The most perfect GT car in the world” He hired some Ferrari craftsmen including Carlo Chiti and Bizzarini, the creator of the Fererari GTO.  In 1964 13 350 GTs. The bodies were designed by Bertone.

In 1972 following the cancellation of a large tractor order by the Bolivian government, Lamborghini sold 51% to a Swiss, G.H.Rossetti. Then shaken by the oil crisis and left in the lurch by BMW for the production of the M-1, he struggled on until the early 80s when a French industrialist took the company in hand. After the “Jalpa, Countach and the all-terrain “LM”, the Diablo is the only model produced.




Founded in 1914 by four Maserati brothers and after 1924 Maserati became involved in motor racing. In 1937 Adolfo Orsi bought out the family. By 1968 financial difficulties forced Adolfo to sell to “Citroen”.  By 1975 Citroen gave up and backed up by the Italian government, Alessandro De Tomaso took over.

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