Aston Martin


Founded in 1922 by Lionel Martin. The “Aston” came from the fact that Martin won the Aston-Clinton hill climb in 1913. Aston Martin cars consistently did well in racing but not financially. In 1947 on the verge of bankruptcy, David Brown (David Brown Tractors) stepped in and bought Aston Martin and Lagonda. The company went out of business in 1974 but was rescued a year later by two American Industrialist.




Gottlieb Daimler built an engine powered 2 wheeler about the same time Karl Benz built his tricycle. By the 1890s Daimler proliferated forming subsidiaries such as Austro-Daimler and British Daimler. The parent Daimler company merged with Benz in 1926. British Daimler concentrated on building fast heavy sports cars but did produce sedans and limos. They were owned by “BSA” ( Birmingham Small Arms) since 1910 and sold to “Jaguar” in 1960 who kept the marquee going with Jaguar bodies.




Founded in 1904 as the Thames Ditton firm, “Auto Cars & Accessories Ltd. “ Then as “Autocarriers” in 1911 and to “AC” in 1927. In 1956 to 1961 the “AC Bristol” was a successful roadster until Bristol stopped producing their 6 cylinder engine. Caroll Shelby started producing the “AC Cobra” using a modified “AC” chassis and body and a 260 Ford engine. 75 cars were produced in 1962. The next year the 289 version came out and then the 427 in “Street” and “Race” car versions. The 427 was discontinued in 1966, but the 289 continued until 1969.

Since then many replicas and kit cars have been built on this design. AC later in 1973 came out with the “AC 3000 ME V-6”

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