Automobile Trivia

Most of the reference material for this section came from the following books,

"The Definitive History of a Great British Car" by,  Andrew Whyte                                                        

"Ford the Men and the Machine",  by Robert Lacey

"1001 Images of Cars"  by Jerome Bureau

Page 1.  ----- Jaguar

Page 2. ----- Jaguar cont.

Page 3. ----- Ford

Page 4. ----- 1st Auto, 1st Patent, Alfa Romeo, BMW, De Tomaso

Page 5. ----- De Tomaso cont., Facel Vega, Bugatti, Hispano-Suiza

Page 6. ----- Duesenberg, Packard, Hudson, Buick, Cadillac

Page 7. ----- Lincoln, DeSoto, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge

Page 8. ----- Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati

Page 9. ----- Aston Martin, Daimler, AC

Page 10. --- Austin Healey, MG, Rover, Lagonda

Page 11 ---- Motorola & Lear 


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