Written by

Howard M Fitzcharles III

"Company D"  This is a true story of my life from 1957 in Jacksonville FL when I was drafted into the Army and trained in Fort Benning GA and then shipped to serve as part of the border guards in Bavaria close to the East German border. I document Army life during the Cold War and my adventures in Bavaria, Gammisch Germany on the Austrian border and in Brussels Belgium.  Most of the photos in the book are actual places and people I met while there. This is a paperback book and 185 pages. The cost is $9.95 plus shipping. 

"My Part of the Cold War"  This is a fictional version of the "Company D" book This follows the basic story line but with "Lies, Spies, Gun battles and a Love story laced into the true story. This is a paperback 99 pages and the cost is $8.95 plus shipping.

"The Rose and the Birds"  This is a true story of my wife raising wild baby birds. Five Quail were kept as pets as they were hatched from eggs. That however started her long adventure of raising distressed baby wild birds that were brought to her when word circulated that she raised baby birds. Over the years she raised many birds and returned them to the wild. We were shocked to learn how intelligent wild birds are and how they can adapt to people. This book is paperback and 39 pages.  This book is $8.95 plus shipping.

"Science Fiction Short Stories" This book is six short science fiction stories. All six stories are my own and I was careful not to copy any story I have read or seen in movies. The first story is "I Alien" The view of a new planet through the eyes of an Alien.  Number 2 is "Warbirds" This is a story of a man and his computer flight simulator or is it? Number 3 is "Dreams" This is the story of a man who has a broad blurry line between true life and Dreams. Number 4 is "knowledge" This is the story of a young mans' quest for knowledge that took him possibly too far.  Number 5 is "invasion" The story of concurring warriors that find a new planet to concur. Number 6  "(F+)+(F-) 2 = E  is the story of a young inventor or possibly a visionary.  This book is paperback and 105 pages and the cost is $10.95 plus shipping.

You can either order any of these books from me at or from by a search for "Books Fitzcharles III"