Subject- Opinions about cars and their looks.

Opinions are like (*** *****), everyone has one. This is my web site so I am going to express my opinion about the looks of cars. Not the interior but just the outside and from different views.

I can easily conclude that my opinion is mine and most likely ONLY mine otherwise many of the cars on the street today would not have been built and for sure not sold. 

My first thought after seeing some of these cars on the street was that these people were blind, but then how could they drive? I thought maybe these "Pure Ugly" cars have a guidance system in them and the people are blind. Surely no one would buy something that looked like that! But I then seen one park in a parking lot and a normal looking person got out and actually walked across the lot, so I know they were not blind. Maybe they lost a bet and had to drive it to a public place or they were paid a lot of money to be embarrassed being seen in it. Not sure yet. I thought about approaching one of these people and asking about it but suppose they are aliens and don't speak English or they might Zap me with a ray gun or something? So I chickened out and would not approach one of them. This was one of those "Pug Ugly" cars that was Ugly from every view. 

Some cars are only Ugly from one view. This one hurt me because it made me realize that I was never going to be wealthy. For several years now, the front view of a Cadillac is one of the Ugliest cars on Earth. But many are sold so that means that the designers didn't have me in mind when they designed that Ugly creature. I see people get out of one and smile as though they got out of a beautiful car. I found that if I look at one too long I feel like I am going to puke. So I try not to look at them. 

Designers of cars today have absolutely no imagination as many of them copy each other. I guess they have always done that. When back in the 50's one of them put tail fins on a car, they all put tail fins on their cars too. When one put giant chrome bumpers on their car they all copied it. I sometimes think that there is only ONE design engineer and he decides what all cars must look like. Also, some of his designs stem from a nightmare he had the night before. 

I love America but am ashamed of some of our car designs. Only some, as there are some that are brilliant and I love to just stare at them. One thing that makes me ashamed is "Phony". I hate "Phony" on a car. A "Phony" hood scoop. "Phony" side vents. 

A standard "Stupid" statement from an ad for a new car is "These representations of side vents were taken from our new "Concept Car" shown at the last auto show." 

When have you EVER seen a "Concept Car" go into production?  How about NEVER !!!! It is always "This rim around the parking light came from our "Concept" car. Or "This tail fin was inspired by our Concept Car". 

They could save a ton of money by just writing on the hood, "Hood Scoop" where a hood scoop would be. This way the viewer could use his or her imagination and thus not need the Design Engineer's version of a hood scoop. Think of all the variations of hood scoops that would then be seen. The trouble is that the manufacture and the design engineers think that the public has no more imagination then they do. Thus they think that they need a phony hood scoop to see. 

I realize that could present a problem for the cars with real hood scoops. People might get use to coming up with their own designs in their head and when a real scoop is in front of them, it might upset the people and they would feel threatened being forced into a view of something real. I am not sure of what kind of reactions that could cause. It could have good results because now they have a real scoop imprinted in their mind so the next time they see the word "Hood Scoop" written on a car hood, they will draw from their memory that real scoop and then most would have a real scoop envisioned on the hood where it said "Hood Scoop". It should work for phony side vents too. This could work for ridges and waves in the body too. The manufactures could do like NASCAR is doing now. Just make "Generic Car" and put decals on it and write differences on it. 

I know where the design engineers today get their designs. You would have to have dropped some solder on a wooden work bench to see the resemblance of today's body designs and to see where they got their deaigns. Pick-up trucks are designed differently though. The design engineer that worked for Saltine Cracker boxes, designed the Chevy pick-up for the 2015 truck. Just look at one and tell me I'm wrong.

Lets look at some cars and trucks and send me your opinion and I will post it without your name or E-mail address. I will only sign each comment with initials only. So I will only get the hate mail not you.


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