Ugly Faces continued

They say "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" If so, what does it say about the designers of these grills ?

A contest was started between car manufactures and they called the contest "How Ugly Can We Make these things? "

A mother yells at her children. "Get away from that thing !!! Some of that UGLY may rub off on you".

Don't look at it !! That Darth Vader look will imprint on your brain and you will never be able to erase that ugly out of your brain.

My question is, Why do the design engineers of these creatures hate us so much to put these things on the streets ??? And what does it say about the people who actually pay money for them. ha!

I guess it does not matter because they are systematically taking the driving of a car out of our hands and it will someday be against the law to drive a car. Ownership will also vanish. A somewhat car will take up space in your garage and it will take you where you want to go but it will not be yours and you will not be allowed to control it. You just key in your destination into your I-phone and if "Central Command" approves your destination it will take you there. 

Those of you who are reading this web site are most likely car enthusiasts or you would not be here. Just think about the history of the automobile.

Some of the things they did were to make it easier on you. At first you had to hand crank an engine to get it started. So, they made that easier with an electric starter. The thing didn't go very fast so they upped the power and then it wouldn't stop so they improved the brakes. When they improved the power and brakes it didn't have enough traction so they improved the tires. Now you had it all. It would self start, go fast and stop quick and hold the road in a corner. They added a windshield to keep wind out of your face and when it rained they added wipers on the windshield so you could see and improved the head lights so you could drive in the dark. Then they added safety features like turn signals so you no longer had to make hand signals and since the lights were bright now they added dimmer switches so as not to blind a car coming at you. They added seat belts in case you hit something. And a stronger body incase you rolled over and a crushable nose and air bags for your safety. 

But then they found out the car was getting to a point where it was not the problem. It was "YOU" that was the problem. Then they started trying to make the car "IDIOT" proof. Rather then try to train the "Idiot", it was better to make the car "Idiot Proof" by removing "You" from the equation. 

They knew you were not smart enough to modulate a brake peddle on different surfaces so they added ABS to do it for you. They figured that you were not smart enough to know how to corner on different surface so they added "Traction Control". They knew you couldn't parallel park so they installed a system to do it for you. They knew that you were not paying attention when driving so they continued to make you warm and comfortable and block out all those annoying noises outside and add a system that would warn you if a car was passing you since you were not paying attention anyway. And they even added a braking system that would automatically brake when you came up to the rear of a tractor trailer that you didn't notice was in front of you. They knew you were too weak to turn a steering wheel so they added power steering early in the life of cars. They knew that you were not too bright and couldn't use a clutch and transmission that you had to operate so they put in an automatic transmission for you. Early in the life of cars they found out that you were too stupid to correctly work a choke or a timing control so they made those automatic early in the life of cars. 

They have completely given up on you, so they (Audi) are now designing that car that will drive you where ever you want to go and you will not be allowed to do any of the controlling as you are too stupid. But they do care about you (and your money) so they want you to get where you want to go and do it safely. Since you refuse to ride public transportation, this is the only option for them. 

However, there will be "Rebels", "Mavericks"  and "Outlaws" who will resist all of this. They will have hidden back in a corner of their garage under a cover, a car with a straight stick transmission an over powered engine, a limited slip differential, open pipes that make a lot of noise with wide tires and alloy rims. A fire breathing monster that would be hard pressed to meet any emission tests. The owners will keep up a front by having the automatic "Approved" version of a car out front to drive to and from work and to the store and back. But when no one is watching, out will come the fire breathing monster to blast down back roads for the sole purpose of the drive itself not to just get from point "A" to point "B".

But one more requirement is a must on these "Fire Breathing Monsters". They MUST NOT have a skin of pure ugly as many "People Movers" have on the street today. These Fire Breathing Monsters don't need exotic names either. Many will have a name like "Charger, Mustang, Camaro " and even some will be "Grandma's" old car skin but an indication there may be a fire breathing monster under that skin will be a set of alloy rims, wide tires and a deep rumble in the exhaust. But what ever you so DON'T do it to one of the "UGLIES"! 

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