Photos 2

These cars are just a few examples of cars dating all the way back into the 40's that may or may not be beautiful to every one, but they still are pleasing to look at and not UGLY

A fine example of a good looking car from 1948 which is still good looking today next to most cars today.

5 years later in 1953 and still looks good.

6 years later in 1959 and still looks good.

1972 and still pleasing to look at.

1973 and Still looking good

1979 and still looking good (no Ugly yet)

Even with the US Federal bumper laws they managed to keep the cars looking good.

These were all inexpensive sports cars that spanned 5 decades and still managed to keep a good look and most still look good next to cars of today. So there is NO excuse for "UGLY".

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