Photos 3

These are some of the more exotic cars just to show what a car can look like.

An Aston Martin (eat up with gorgeous )

A XK-220 Jaguar (hard to stop looking at it)

The "E-Type" Jaguar is still today about the most beautiful car ever put on the street and this exact body design was put on the street 55 years ago. So why do we have "UGLY" today. So, don't try to tell me that the KIA Soul is just a people mover because there are no real "Spunge Bob Square Pants". He is a cartoon not people. Square is hard to push through the air too so no one can say it is an economy box.

Even though Jaguar kept aerodynamics in mind, they were still able to make their newer cars like the XK-8 look great and not like generic car. 

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